Harvest Losses from Dead NFTs to Reduce Your Taxes

The Graveyard DAO is a community of NFT collectors who are tired of holding onto dead NFT collections.

Buy Membership NFT

Get paid in ETH

Share in the upside

Truly decentralized on chain governance

No need to trust when you can verify

Truly decentralized on chain governance controlled by the Graveyard NFT holders that you can independently verify on Etherscan



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Hodling to 0?
It finally makes sense.

Deep six your tax bill.

The Graveyard DAO is a community of NFT collectors who are tired of holding onto dead NFT collections.

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    Time is running out
    Last chance to tax harvest your NFTs at the Graveyard DAO.

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    Built by trusted Tax Crypto OGs who have trained over 30,000+ accountants in crypto tax accounting

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    Connect your wallet, select your NFTs, and the DAO will buy them for 3 Szabo (0.000003 ETH).

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    Membership in Graveyard DAO allows you to manage the treasury of ETH and potentially un-dead NFTs


"I'll buy as many NFTs as you have, right now, at 3 Szabo.
Sell me all you want. Then go f*ck off."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Graveyard DAO is a members-only service. Start by purchasing a membership NFT, then sell your NFTs to the Graveyard for 3 Szabo each. As long as you’re a member, you can sell as many NFTs as you want to the DAO to harvest your losses for a tax deduction. Once you’ve harvested your dead NFTs you are free to re-sell your membership to someone else who needs to harvest losses, or keep your membership and help manage the Graveyard’s collection of potentially un-dead NFTs.

How much is the membership?

Minting a membership NFT costs 0.25 ETH. 10,000 NFTs will be available, 8,000 were minted by the initial contributors, who worked through the holidays to push this out by year end and were used for things like paying external counsel to file the incorporation documents. We thought this was the best way to keep this maximally decentralized from Day 1, as opposed to directing the mint proceeds to the team, like many projects have done over the past year.  If the mint is sold out, you should be able to find some on the secondary market (Visit OpenSea). The limited number of memberships is meant to make it easier for you to re-sell your membership to friends who need to harvest losses.

Will I really make my money back?

This was a bad year for crypto. Many of us have big unrealized losses. To realize losses on NFTs and reduce your tax bill, you have to be able to sell your collection for a verifiable price. Graveyard will buy your dead NFTs with ETH so it’s easy to show your accountant and the government that the sale is genuine. By harvesting capital losses, most taxpayers in the US could offset their tax bill by about $350 for every $1,000 they lost.

Why are there royalties?

Graveyard DAO would like to encourage broad based membership of the DAO to facilitate maximal decentralization, so while we understand some people are down bad this year and just want to take advantage of it and move on, the DAO would like to introduce some friction in transferring membership.

What countries does this work in?

The smart contracts controlled by the DAO are not geographically limited. You should consult the tax laws of your home jurisdiction to determine how much you will benefit from selling your NFTs to the DAO.

What Standard NFTS does the contract support?

The contract supports any ERC721 or ERC 1155.

What Blockchains does Graveyard DAO support?

For now, the contracts only support Ethereum Mainnet. The DAO is hoping to support more chains in the 2023 tax year.

Who controls the treasury?

The Graveyard DAO NFT owners will control the treasury. This includes all ETH proceeds from public mint sale AND any NFTs that are sent to the contract. Graveyard DAO has been specifically set up to be as decentralized as possible from Day 1.